ATM is the distributor for a broad range of quality aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) for military, corporate business jets and commercial airlines. In addition to that, ATM provides sales, and aftersales supports (spares) and technical services.

These are some of the products that ATM distributes. (click to view each product group in detail)

Aircraft Ground Power Units

Aircraft Air Conditioning Units

Aircraft Engine Air Start Units

Aircraft Towing Tractors

Aircraft Cargo Loader

Aircraft Passenger Loading Bridge

Aircraft Tow Bars

Wireless asset tracking, management and security

Grease, Oil, Fuel Transfer pumps

Hose Reels

Aircraft Recovery Equipment

Aircraft Service Equipment




Greasing Equipment- Hand Operated
K3 Super-Lube
K6 Mini-Lube
Flexigun (K29 / K32)
Levergun (K45 / K40)
J2 Grease Pump

Greasing Equipment- Air Operated
P3 Power-Lube
P6 Maxi-Lube
P8 Maxi-Lube
Power-Pistol (K53 / K54)

Fuel Handling Equipment
Hand Operated Fuel Pumps
GP Rapid-Flo
HP Litre-Stroke
PVRH & PVR Rotary Pump

Electric Diesel Fuel Pumps
Electric Pump (EA150 / EM150 / EA250 / EM250 / EA180 / EM180)

Oil Transfer Equipment
Hand Operated Oil Pumps
Spring Loaded Pump (520H / 520HA / 560H / 560HA)
Multi Purpose Pumps (A2H / A2)
C4 Oil Pump
C7 Oil Pump
Gear Oil Pump (C11 / C13)
C16 Suction Gun

Oil Transfer Equipment
Air Operated Oil Pumps
Oil Ratio Pump (R100T/R100S/R100THG)
Oil Ratio Pump (R300S / R300T)

Dispensing Equipment
Oil Control Guns
HG40 Oil Control Gun
HG50 Oil Control Gun
HG60 Oil Control Gun
Oil Delivery Gun (TC5 / TD5)

Grease Control Guns
B2 Booster Gun

Oil Meters
/ Fuel Meters
Flow Meters (M100 / M200)
M10 Flow Meter

Fuel Meters
TM-01 Fuel FlowMeter

Oil & Grease Systems
OS100 Oil System
GS100 Grease System
OS250 Oil Evacuation System
OS500 Oil System
OS600 Oil System (Deluxe)
IC+ Fluid Dispensing & Fluid Inventory Control System

Specialty Pumps
PNY Chemical Pump
Single Diaphragm Pump

Grease Couplers
Grease Extension Hoses
Air Equipment
High Pressure
Manual Equipment
Air Line
Oil Control Gun
Suction Tubes
Oil Feeder Hoses
Chemical Accessories
Fuel Filters and Nozzles
General Accessories

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